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Mary Thompson to be Interviewed By The WEATHER CHANNEL
October 20th, 2009 12:53 PM


Last October I was interveiwed by The Weather Channel due to our severe drought and how that would impact Real Estate Values. It was not a pretty picture as we were 18 feet below full pool at that time.

I contacted The Weather Channel last week when we hit full pool to tell them the good news and that they should do another story about Lake Lanier hitting full pool and what good news that is for all concerned. Well, they contacted me and today at Aqualand they are conducting an interview with myself and Len Jernigan of Aqualand Marina , to talk about Real Estate now and Business now with the lake being full. Should be a much happier story!


** Interview to air tonight 10/21/09 on their evening edition 6 or 7pm or both**

The only bad news is the average Lake Home Sales price declined 25% from 7/08 - 10/08 as compared to the same time this year. But the GOOD news is that we have seen 2 times, yes double the number of sales in this same period on Lake Lanier and we have 19 homes pending, of which 30% went under contract in October and 80% went under contract in the months of September and October combined.

I plan to tell them that we have 3 things in our favor, dock permits being gone by the end of October, water levels above full pool and the market seems to be stabalizing.

I also plan to tell them that Lake Levels seem to be tied to the DOW interestingly enough, whether that little tidbit will make the cut, who knows!
So I will let you know how it all turned out and when they plan to air the show.

Have a great day everyone. Remember if you need a current value on your Lake Lanier home you know who to call.

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