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NAR (National Assoc. of Realtors) posted top 3 Seller concerns. One of them was: "Price Their Home Competitively" “They're telling us that puffing their egos with a fat listing price isn't what they want. They want their property to sell.”

So, I thought "put your money where your mouth is" since I suggested Pre-Listing Appraisals in order for all 3 top seller concerns to be met. Based upon our pre-listing appraisals in 2018, the sellers who placed their homes on the market and listed them CLOSE to our appraised value, the Days On Market for these homes (many of them lakefront) averaged 34 days! The average for similar properties is around 50-60 days. In 36% of the cases they sold in 10 days or less. In only 1 case over 120 days. In some cases the owner got more than their listing price as they priced it very well.

In the cases where the owner decided to list WELL over our appraised value (meaning over 10% of value) not a good story! Longer DOM than typical and price reductions, sometimes several. In many cases they changed REALTORS! Not good! When that 2nd Realtor listed closer to appraised value...Bingo they get the SALE & commission!

So for 2019, consider a Pre-Listing or POST-Listing Appraisal if your home is on the market longer than 60 days. This could be your bullett proof marketing tool to close more deals quickly.

We hope 2019 is one of your best years yet, but in order for that to happen you have to pull a few tricks out of the marketing bag as all indicators are that the market is slowing a bit for 2019 with 2020 the possible start to some major corrections!


5 star review:

"My mother passed away leaving a house on Lake Lanier.  We had no idea as to the value of the home so we had an appraiser come out and was very disappointed in the value that he appraised the home.  I read reviews about Mary Thompson and Lanier Appraisal Service and decided to give her a call.  So glad I did.  She really knows the area and home values.  She was very professional and caught several things the previous appraiser missed, like the view, dock and deep water to name a few.  We are very happy with her appraisal and was able to sell the house within a week.   If you have property or a home on Lake Lanier make sure you get an appraiser that knows the area and the lake or the values will be negatively impacted.  I would definitely recommend Lanier Appraisal Service.  Thank you Mary for all your help." 

Kathy and Reggie Smith


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