Consider the fact that the COST of a Pre-Listing Appraisal is WELL worth the potential LOSS to you without one!

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Dear Home Seller:

Thank you for your time in reading this. I promise it will be worth it! As you know, those who are PREPARED are far better off and usually avoid unpleasant surprises.....Like Appraisals coming in UNDER your contract price!

As a Seller it is so important in this market to make sure that you are not under-pricing or over-pricing your property. It can mean the difference between leaving thousands on the table, never selling your home or delaying significantly the time it takes to sell your home.

I am a Real Estate Appraiser with 21 years experience. Your Realtor most likely knows who I am. As An Appraiser I can provide you with invaluable information about what ALL Appraisers look for in a Home and what drives and determines value.

As an Appraiser I have NO vested interest in your Home, so my professional opinion of its value is independent and unbiased which is what you need and want!

So why get an appraisal IF you feel that your Home is priced Right? I can give you 4 perfect Reasons and they will EACH be well worth the cost of the report. It will be one of the best investments you can make to "Prepare your Home for Sale", much the same as spending money to paint your home, install new carpet & appliances (if needed) in order to ensure the highest possible sales price.

1. You get a current opinion of value for your home along with a detailed sketch so that you & your Realtor know exactly what your heated square footage is since Courthouse records are often inaccurate. Square footage has a direct impact on Appraised Value. How great would it be for a perspective buyer to see your home's layout along with ACCURATE Square footage included in the Online Listing. Realtors typically quote Courthouse Record square footage and the records are wrong most of the time.

(Ask me about doing just a sketch of your home - we DO offer that service if you do not need a current appraisal).

2. You will be able to provide my report & sketch to the Bank's Appraiser for your buyer. Trust me, that appraiser will be VERY happy to have a recent report and sketch to refer to as it will save them time. It may go a long way to ensure that Appraiser's value is similar to the one that I provide to you. If you have a cash buyer, the report will help them feel secure knowing the home is worth what you have agreed upon. Please note: My report is 100% confidential, no one gets a copy of the report other than you, unless you give me permission to release a copy.

3. You can use my report as a negotiation tool or rebuttal in case the Banks Appraiser is coming in below your contract price. This can make or break your deal! Consider my report an "insurance policy" or "ammunition" for these situations.

4. If a buyer comes along and is willing to pay what you are asking, your home STILL has to appraise for at least the contract price. My report will give you the peace of mind knowing that there will be no surprises come appraisal time!

Call Me Today! It will be the best decision you make to ensure a SMOOTH Sales transaction on your Home! You Want NO Surprises From Contract to Closing!

Mary T. Thompson - 770-967-0753